Learning is everywhere

December 15, 2016 by Tuomo Meretniemi

This guest blog is a part of our Christmas season blog series

Learning is something we do every day, all the time. And thus we tend to outsource the education of our children to the institution called school. We, as parents, have decided to take alternative approach to learning as we are educating our children while sailing world´s oceans and living in a sailboat. We started our sailing adventure around the world six months ago and have now sailed from Turkey to Canary Islands and will work our way towards South Pacific.

#Learning is in everything we do.

Learning is present in our breakfast table as we wonder where the corn flakes come from, how much they cost and how much energy we get from them. Math lesson takes place every day when we plan our route or navigate at sea.

Kid´s favorite game Minecraft turns into learning tool as we think about different construction models, learn about stones and metals and calculate how much water is in the infinity pool our son just built.

We learn about new countries as discover their history, culture and religions in the first hand. We try to communicate in a local language as much as we can, so we learn Turkish, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Arabic.

Nature and science class happens when flying fish or squid has ended up on our deck. Kids learn about media when they are acting as reporters and telling about their life on-board to other kids in Finland through videos they regularly make.

It´s all about hunger to learn. It´s about understanding that all new things are inspiring. And it´s about not worrying if you do something right or wrong. We should not think that learning is something that happens merely in school. We can learn about everything we see, hear and experience. So, let´s keep our eyes and ears open and learn.

Merry X-mas!

Tuomo Meretniemi

is Sailing for Good as the skipper of s/y Panacea, Swan 57. Sail for Good is a private digital learning initiative based on a sailing adventure around the world by Meretniemi's family during 2016-2022. Claned Ltd is a partner of Sail for Good.

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