Using digital learning in sport coaching

December 2, 2016 by Tony Salmelainen

This guest blog is a part of our Christmas season blog series

During my career, some of my teammates were studying whilst playing, and I always had huge respect for them; hoping I could find the strength to read all those lengthy, dreary looking books. On reflection, I wish I had used even just 10% of the time I spent on buses and planes on studying some useful courses.

But let’s face it, reading books and memorising long passages was not for me. I have always been avisual and kinetic learner rather than a typical book worm. I prefer to watch educational videos, study in groups and have in-depth discussions with others rather than reading only books for the purpose of passing an exam.

The advancement of technology has provided an opportunity for everyone to find their motivated process of learning, regardless of subject. It no longer has to be the traditional way of learning. There are plenty of possibilities for current or former athletes.

The young adults,18-20 year old, arriving in the professional world of sports are far from being ready for the everyday life of an athlete. Professionalism should be measured by the working habits of individuals, rather than their salary. The process of becoming a complete athlete, and understanding the requirements of professionalism, could be accelerated within the clubs by using the modern day technology and educational tools. With my experience from the professional sports and the educational world the platform provided by Claned worked perfectly in tracking and motivating my learning process.

The platform and learning environment could create a unique opportunity, for people and athletes worldwide, to connect, collaborate and educate themselves in the way that suits them best.

Tony Salmelainen

Tony Salmelainen is a former professional ice hockey player from Finland. He experienced 14 years at the highest level within the top leagues around the world (NHL, AHL, KHL, SM-Liiga, NLA, National Team). Currently Salmelainen is a motivated student undertaking a bachelor's degree in finance at the Geneva Business School.

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