The Athlete Ambassadors by the European Olympic Committees

Sharing knowledge and discovering the Olympic values

The task

The Olympic values of Friendship, Respect and Excellence encompass what the Olympic events are all about. To promote these values, the Olympic Committees decided to educate young athletes from all over Europe to be Athlete Ambassadors. The mission of an Athlete Ambassador is to help other promising athletes at home before attending the European Youth Olympic Festival. small thumbnail Susanna Rahkamo, a gold metalist in European Figure Skating Championship directs the Athelete Ambassador project. She defends PhD thesis 'The Road to Exceptional Expertise' on 16th December 2016.

The challenge

How to create an educational programme for young participants with different cultural backgrounds? The Olympic Committees wanted to find an easy-to-use online learning platform that would enable sharing information and collaboration between ambassadors from various countries.

The solution

With the help of Claned, the Olympic Committees was able to build a multicultural online community. The Ambassadors will produce and share their own material about the Olympic values. Throughout the programme ambassadors are encouraged to share knowledge, collaborate and learn from others.

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