The young talents of our future are educated on Claned

The Economic Information Office empowers students with future work skills

The task

Globalisation, digitalisation and the development of technology have revolutionised economic structures and working life, which has resulted in a greater need for commercial skills,” says Julia Ketola, Coordinator of the Young Business Generations project. The core purpose of the Young Business Generations module is to empower students with future work skills. The courses include collaboration with international companies and real-life business challenges.

The challenge

The Economic Information Office did not want to settle for static web materials. They wanted to aim higher; turning a traditional book into digital learning material was not an option. The question of how their modules could be made more collaborative and engaging needed to be tackled.

The solution

The Economic Information Office planned a highly activating and innovative course setting for 30 students. The students were able to use the functionalities of Claned to comment and collaborate. Using the social features of Claned it was easy to share comments and engage in discussions with peers.

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Examples of Claned's social features that were used

  • Applying tasks encouraged students to apply what they had already learnt in order to discuss the remarks of others
  • Commenting tasks challenged students to share their opinion on different videos and documents
  • Inquiry-based project required students to design a marketing campaign for LIDL grocery market.
  • Messages Students sent altogether 1600 conversation messages during the course.

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