Skating education by Tony Salmelainen

Former NHL player Tony Salmelainen uses Claned to enhance his skating training

The task

Each generation of athletes learn from their idols but aim higher than their predecessors. In the NHL young athletes are required to have ever better skating skills. Nowadays it is not enough to practice skating on ice. Players also need to observe other players and do mental training. For this reason, former NHL player Tony Salmelainen uses multiple ways to help talented juniors achieve their dream.

The challenge

The time players can spend on ice is limited. It is hard to go through the more theoretical aspects of skating techniques while practising. Becoming familiar with specific skating techniques needs to be done elsewhere. When players are able to study and do mental training on their own, the time on ice can be used as effectively as possible.

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The solution

Tony Salmelainen decided to use Claned to enhance his skating training to help young ice hockey players be better skaters. Tony has gathered a collection of videos with examples of especially good skaters. These videos describe the unique strengths of skilful skaters, such as Sidney Crosby, Pavel Datsyuk and Connor McDavid. Tony has used the video commenting feature in Claned to highlight the specific skills of each skater. The players also get to comment on the highlights and ask questions about the different techniques.

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