Claned book donation helps a mountain school in Vietnam

February 26, 2018

Claned Group and other Finnish companies and institutions made a donation of 500 Vietnamese books to a school in the mountainous Lao Cai Province in Vietnam. The successful delivery of the book donation to the recipient schools was announced in Hanoi in early December 2017.

Mr. Dao Ngoc Nam, Project manager of Lower Secondary Education for the most disadvantaged regions states:

“We are very grateful for this generous donation by Claned Group and other Finnish partners. This help is invaluable for schools students in this remote area of Lao Cai mountain province.”

The book donation was originally announced at the opening of the “Connection” – a group exhibition of artworks presenting contemporary Finnish and Vietnamese artists and photographers in Helsinki last August.

The event was honoured in August by the Minister of Education and Training of Vietnam, Mr H.E. Phung Xuan Nha and a delegation of 22 universities and colleges, eight K-12 schools and four educational companies.

“The Connection” exhibition was organized by Wise Consulting Finland Oy with support from Finnish Educational Institutions and companies.

Tu Anh Dang, Consultant, Wise Consulting Finland Ltd noted:
“I believe books can change lives. In the most disadvantaged area in Vietnam, children have difficulties in getting access to books and other educational materials. The completion of this book donation could not be done without the generous help from Finnish Consulting Group, Claned Group, EduCluster Finland, Haaga Helia and HY+.

Pertti Jalasvirta, Senior Advisor of Claned Group summarized the journey of collaboration:
“ The Connection” event in Helsinki last year has caught great attention from both Finnish and the Vietnamese viewers. Through the artworks from both Finnish and Vietnamese artists, the connection of understanding and collaboration had been established. This book donation was one part of the collaborations planned between Claned Group and Vietnamese educators, but showed our commitment from the start.”

“We are delighted of the reports coming from the Vietnamese teachers and students how much the book donation has helped in their daily life.”

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