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ClanedKids is an online classroom where kids can collaborate and learn in a safe and playful environment. Like an older sibling, the platform encourages a sense of wonder and excitement — making learning an adventure rather than a chore.

Analytics for the win

Our innovative AI watches and learns, studying children’s learning patterns. Kids enables teachers tobe highly attuned to the learners’motivations. Designed to give teachers visibility into the learning process, it allows the moderation of learners’ participation and communication without curbing their curiosity.

Engaging collaboration & Project-based learning

Collaboration and social interaction are vital to the learning process. Kids encourages learners’ active engagement throughout the learning process, in a fun and exciting way. With Kids, it is easy to create collaborative learning projects. Students can share pictures and videos, discuss content, discover new ideas, and ask for help when they need it — all things that come naturally to them in a social environment.

Kids streamlines the process of content preparation and organization. The online classrooms take minutes to set up, and uploading content, like pdfs, Office Suite, pictures, or web content from Gsuite and Open office, takes seconds. What’s more, you can embed engaging content for example from YouTube, Vimeo and ThingLink.

Open Education Resources

ClanedKids is part of the OER community because we believe strongly in the equity of education. As part of this mission, we have donated ClanedKids to World Vision Finland. If you are an OER content organization in primary education, you can support their mission by making your content available on our platform.

For K12 content and game developers

Kids is a content agnostic platform that fades into the background so that quality learning materials can shine. We are especially interested in hosting student facing materials in engaging and dynamic formats on our platform. We have a standard agency model of 70% (content owners) and 30% (Platform maintenance).


Marketing support

We are actively expanding our global reach, with nationwide projects in the works. Our users are interested in the latest pedagogically-sound and student-centered content and learning games, especially in STEM.


Get real-time insight into how your content and materials are doing. This will enable you to optimise the most impactful learning resources.

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