Claned in the TOP10 Personalised Learning Startups to watch in 2018

January 3, 2018

Claned Group has been included in the TOP10 Startups to watch in 2018 in Personalised Learning. The selection was made Daily Disruptor, an independent technology media that follows various industries and how new technologies are impacting their development.

Mervi Palander, CEO of Claned Group says: In his article Walter Couture of Daily Disruptor writes ‘The talented students (and everyone is talented in some way) no longer want to wait for an average education. They want to learn their own way, at their own pace. They want personalized learning’. This is exactly what we saw coming already few years back.”

“To be included in this list of Top 10 companies To Watch in 2018 is a great honour for us. It just strengthens our belief that we have made right choices for our product along the way”, continues Mervi Palander and proudly notes that Claned is the only education technology company from Finland in the list.

After over three years of intensive research and development, Claned platform was launched in 2016. Today it has users in 20 countries. The unique combination of Finnish pedagogical research and artificial intelligence powered insights supports learners and educators alike whilst personalizing the learning experience for each learner.

“We believe the real difference we make is to provide a truly personalized learning experience that optimizes the process, motivates the learner and encourages for lifelong learning”, continues Palander.

More about the award program here

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