Please introduce yourself and where you work.  

My name is Jan Hermes, I work as an assistant professor at Oulu Business School, University of Oulu, in Finland.  

What about education or edtech do you think is: a) overlooked b) gets too little attention?  

With growing numbers of students and, at the same time, reduced resources to take care of students I, as a teacher, feel that we lose contact and important, individual time with our students.

What’s the biggest learning-related challenge you have had at work? How have you approached/solved the challenge?  

Maybe not the biggest, but definitely one big challenge is to personalize learning enabling all students to learn according to their preferences and preconditions. I am increasing the offering of learning paths and solutions, which poses new challenges with regards to available resources. 

One important theme in learning is assessment and how it should be done. What’s your take on it? When and how should assessments be used in your opinion?  

Assessment is ideally an ongoing process, starting with diagnostic forms and ending with summative assessments. 

What is the biggest learning related challenge to solve in the next five years? Do we have the tools to solve it?  

I see an increasing pace in digitalization to create challenges for teachers to “keep up” with those developments. In order to reach students, I need to be informed about technological solutions in order to speak my students’ language. 

What can the world learn from Finnish learning expertise in solving future challenges? And what can Finnish education learn from others?  

Looking at Finnish innovativeness and bravery in implementing those innovations might be inspiring for others. Likewise, we should constantly be interested in what is happening in terms of educational development elsewhere. 

If you had a magic wand that could make everyone learn 3 skills, what would those skills be? Why?  

Analyticity, criticality and mindfulness. These are skills that will open the door to properly solving any intellectual challenge.  

Jan Hermes

Jan Hermes is an assistant Professor at Oulu University. His research and teaching activities are targeted at showing how social and ecological goals are not only necessary add-ons in today’s business but can serve as the core for financially sustainable, socially fair and ecologically friendly business activities.

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