Claned New Technologies -seminar attracted over 150 NGOs to Geneva

January 9, 2018

 “Today we will be talking about how technology is transforming education and the role that we play in this ecosystem of change. When we speak of challenges to education today, globally, it involves three key issues, Availability (access), Quality and FIT.

When these three issues are resolved we open ourselves to a world, a future, where the right education in the right format is available across board. And education is defined as the process of facilitating learning.”

These were the opening words by Claned’s Director Mariam Shodeinde in her recent speech.

These words were heard by 165 participants representing international NGOs and other influential organizations, coming together in a very special seminar of “New Technologies – A Solution to Global Challenges?” in Geneva, Switzerland.

The seminar was jointly organized by The Permanent Mission of Finland in Geneva and Claned.

Besides education the seminar had high profile speakers tackling current global issues of peace mediation, climate change and cyber security.

The keynote speakers at the event were Mr Alexander Stubb, who is the Former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Finland, current Chairman of the Board of the Crisis Management Initiative and Vice-President and Member of the Management Committee of the European Investment Bank, Mr Petteri Taalas, Secretary General of World Meteorological Organization and Mr Aapo Cederberg, Senior Fellow for Geneva Centre for Security Policy.

Mrs Terhi Hakala, Ambassador of The Permanent Mission of Finland for UN and her team coordinated this seminar jointly with Claned Group and their representatives of Mr Pertti Jalasvirta and Mrs Mariam Shodeinde.

Read the official news release (In Finnish) here

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