Steps of course production

Firstly, you need to know, why you are producing the course. And then who are your learners? Then you might think it´s time time to produce content. Instead of that, you need to create a pedagogical script to guide the content and course production. “Well planned is half done” applies here, too.

Create a pedagogical script

A pedagogical script is a project plan for your course production build on insights about the learners, the learning outcomes, and evaluation criteria.  Create a clear course flow, purposefully selected contents,  and  meaningful  learning activities. Without it, your learners won’t know what will be expected of them and won’t perform as well as they could.

When designing learning activities, course creators should keep in mind that learners have plenty of real-life experiences in their pockets. Utilize this and make your course as directly meaningful to your learners as possible.

By applying what is learned or by utilizing real-life experiences in social knowledge construction. You  can utilize it to enable the famous transfer effect. Your learners will start using what they learn in real-life situations as well.  This helps your learners to see the impacts and benefits of participating in your course in a very concrete way.

Claned Learning Design Program

To help course creators with this task, Claned has created a Learning Design Program (step-by-step pedagogical templates and workshops)  for this purpose. This way you don’t have to be an educational expert. However, you can  still  construct your course flow and its content in a way that supports learning  and the learning experience optimally.

Pedagogical structure

Your course has now a pedagogical structure and a purpose with defined learning outcomes. Now you need to make sure your learners understand them, too.

Firstly you need to  explain to your learners how the course content should be studied, what kind of materials and tasks you have included, what is the timeline for the course, what are the evaluation criteria for this course, and so forth.

By explaining and showing your learners how you want them to behave, you are much more likely to receive that kind of  behavior, too.  This kind of prediction helps to increase motivation and prevent feelings of frustration.

Production resources

The last thing to remember before creating a top-notch service experience for your learners is to allocate enough time and human and monetary resources for your production. You can not just transform your classroom content into online courses directly, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. You need to put your mind to the course production and maybe even search for a trustworthy partner to steer you.

Online learning has arrived to stay, and we can help your courses become the most desirable ones. If you are interested in our hands-on learning workshops for creating successful online courses, email us at

solja sulkunen

About the Author

Solja Sulkunen used to work as Head of Customer Experience at Claned.