The first theme of our blog posts this year has been how to succeed with your online courses. We wanted to cover different key topics to help you to build a successful online learning business and to create quality content to engage your learners.

Here are some key takeaways from each of the topic that we have covered over the last few weeks. Each headline links you to the blog posting in question. Enjoy!

How to create a successful online course business?

The series kicks off with our Chief Commercial Chief Petri Virtanen reminding us that when choosing your learning platform provider, you should also think about them as your partner. A partner, who helps you to scale your business, supports you with learning content and instructional design, and offers insights into your content helps you to build even better content.

Why does service design matter when creating online courses?

Next, Solja Sulkunen, our Head of Customer Experience, makes a great point about service design. You should always design the whole learning process from the learners’ point of view – from sign up to the certificate. The course needs to be scripted so that in each part of the course the learners know what is expected of them and how different learning activities support their learning outcomes. It is crucial to bear in mind that doing this design takes time and resources, so equip yourself accordingly or engage with a suitable partner to work with.

Creating engagement with social learning

Not only is well-scripted content essential to a successful course but as Claned’s Chief Educational Scientist Topi Litmanen reminds us in his blog, the interaction is equally important. Collaboration and active participation increases the enjoyment of the course but also improves learning results. You can read some simple design ideas from Topi’s post to enhance the interaction between learners.

Simple secrets of great learning videos

Videos are very hot content right now, but often they seem a bit difficult to produce. Not to worry,  Teemu Vaalasmaa, our Customer Success Manager, shares some insights with you! There are some great easy-to-use tools available when you want to get started with some videos of your own. Read from Teemu’s blog how you can start producing some of the video content yourself and also find out what are the benefits when using a content creation partner.

Why looks matter in learning content?

By now we have covered how to create the working course script and activate interaction But you should also pay attention to the visual quality of your course? In her blog Chief Creative Officer Virve Tamminen shares insights into why design matters and how to achieve it with some simple design choices. We are not saying that you should throw away that 32-page-long black and white PowerPoint, but yeah, we kind of are encouraging you to think about it.

A buyer’s cheat sheet to UX in online learning platforms

Whilst getting your digital course content designed and structured right, it is essential for your e-learning business to choose the right learning platform, points out Head of User Experience Miska Noponen. In his blog, Miska highlights out some of the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them when choosing a  platform. The key takeaway here is that the user experience is a lot more important than a long list of feature bullets.

Three key benefits to demand from learning analytics

Analytics is a word that gets thrown around a lot these days when talking about online learning. In online learning, analytics is a lot more than just progress tracking and should provide you with some clear benefits in terms of successful learning experience and results. In this blog Dr. Topi Litmanen encourages you to think about analytics through these three key questions: Can I increase the engagement on my course? Can I personalize my course for different kinds of learners? Can I see whether my training programs increase work effectiveness?

That’s all folks!

For us, this blog series was a fun to produce. We are very passionate about what we do and happy to share our expertise and experience with you and for your benefit. If you want to know more about any of the topics we have explored in our blogs, get in touch with us and let’s discuss how can we create success for you. Our next blog series is already in making and will hopefully be as useful as this one.


Teemu Vaalasmaa

Teemu is passionate about e-learning and technology in general. He helps customers to succeed in using Claned platform.

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