Online Learning Platform For
Course Creators

An online learning platform that makes online course-building easier for everyone

Learning Platform For Learners

Online Learning Platform For
Course Creators

An online learning platform that makes online course-building easier for everyone

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Why Designing Courses On Claned Online Platform is a Breeze

Set Up Courses Quickly

Design entire online learning programs in just a few clicks! Use ready-made course templates and resources. Easily integrate Claned into your existing user management system via API and share with internal and external users.

Works with All Content Formats

With Claned, you can import all kinds of materials, from PDF files to YouTube videos and VR/AR tools. You can create a unified place for all your different learning content.

Learning Analytics

Real-Time Insight for Course Improvement

Get a real-time look at how your course is faring, with a range of data points on study time, content performance, learner interactions and more. Use insights and Claned’s expert recommendations to make informed decisions and make quick changes on the go.

Get Expert Support Anytime

We provide comprehensive onboarding for using the platform, support during usage, and offer tips for course development. Our customers particularly appreciate the annual Health-check meetings, where courses are improved to be even better.

Boost Learner Engagement

Learner conversations on Claned flow naturally. Our social media-like interactive environment and features like Contextual Commenting encourage learners to comment, share, and interact with all the materials in a course.

Get started with on our platform in 3 quick steps

1. Set up your Claned learning environment

2. Add your learning materials

3. Launch your courses

Take Your Content Creation To the Next Level!

Curious About The Courses You Can Create?

You can Harnessing the Power of Claned for Your Course Creation Journey!

Explore the exact ways you can utilize Claned, drawn from our years of expertise in the field.

Precise Course Examples: We’ll show you exact examples that demonstrate how Claned can be used for the course creation process.

Expert Tips: Our team of seasoned professionals have provided you with tips and tricks that yields exceptional outcomes. 

Ensuring Learner Success: Explore strategies for enhancing learner satisfaction and retention using Claned’s features. We have shared proven methods for creating an environment where your learners thrive.


The Claned LMS has a simple interface hence making it easy for the learners to interact with the platform. The success of the partnership can be attributed to the onboarding training that was conducted by the Claned team to the CAPYEI staff and the post-training support that was offered,

We love Claned on the fast and easy usability. It is a very intuitive platform to study with and it is also very easy and makes learning feel motivating. Our clients are also very happy with Claned and often comment that it is the best digital learning environment they have used!

Claned is easy to use and the support staff are really helpful and friendly every time when you discuss with them. Starting and setting up the system was very fast and the platform is simple to use. The system notices the text and creates a unique system which allows commenting and discussion forums. Also commenting on videos is really easy to do.

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