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Learning design at Claned

Learning design is about cre­ating online courses that motivate your par­ti­cipants to learn. By fol­lowing the best prac­tices of online learning, we help you get the best results from your existing materials. How does this work in practice? It starts with the platform.
Our online learning platform is the only one to include built-in learning design ele­ments. For example, the platform guides teachers to divide their learning materials into smaller modules and ele­ments which learners can then com­plete in their desired order. In the platform you will find ready-made course tem­plates to make course cre­ation as easy as possible.
The platform also includes com­menting and inter­action fea­tures that encourage the cre­ation of engaging and social learning activ­ities. In addition, we have an easy embed tool for embedding inter­active images and 360 degrees videos. You can turn your course par­ti­cipants from passive con­sumers to engaged and motivated learners.

Studies have shown that learners’ engagement often increases their learning motiv­ation and even­tually pro­motes better learning results. 

As a course instructor inside our Claned online learning platform, you get a visual and easy to use ana­lytics dash­board that shows you how your learners and materials are per­forming, who needs help and whether your materials could be improved.
We also provide cus­tomised learning design work­shops. They engage and walk you through the prin­ciples and prac­tical phases of designing and executing a suc­cessful online course. In this workshop our learning design experts will guide you in the dif­ferent methods, tools, and the best prac­tices of online learning. From micro learning to flipped learning, we will guide you and deliver a com­plete toolbox of tem­plates and resources for designing suc­cessful digital learning.

With machine learning and smart algorithms reading your content, the platform creates auto-content and topic tags to show you exactly which parts and con­cepts in your learning program are dif­ficult, easy, engaging or unmo­tiv­ating to your learners. You are provided with real-time insights to adapt and adjust your course content on the go, when needed.

With Claned ready-made
course templates you can

change your course creator’s face from this, to this

With Claned ready-made course templates you can change your course creator’s face from this, to this

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