Learning Design
That Actually Works

Learning design from Claned provides a practical approach to mastering the knowledge and skills needed to create effective, engaging, and most importantly, successful learning experiences.

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How our Learning Design works

We are your partners in creating engaging
online learning, we deliver through

World-class service
from learning design professionals

Ready-made course templates
for different learning goals

Tailored learning and instructional design workshops with our learning design experts

Get access to Claned academy
full of learning design courses

Benefits of Claned Learning Design

Amplify Success

Expert guidance guarantees a flawless course structure, engaging content, and optimal learner involvement, achieving superior learning outcomes.

Harness the Power of Data

Unlock the potential of data and analytics to make informed decisions, driving effective learning strategies and maximizing outcomes.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Skyrocket course completion rates, ensuring your investment in learning delivers remarkable results.

Build a Lasting Learning Model

Create a robust online training framework tailored to your organization's needs, empowering you to reuse and leverage it repeatedly.

Seamless and Swift Start

Kickstart your learning initiatives effortlessly, saving time and ensuring a smooth beginning of your desired result.

Master the Art of Learning Design

Acquire in-depth skills in learning design and empower others within your organization with your newfound expertise.

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What our customer says about their learning design process with us

The Claned LMS has a simple interface hence making it easy for the learners to interact with the platform. The success of the partnership can be attributed to the onboarding training that was conducted by the Claned team to the CAPYEI staff and the post-training support that was offered,

We love Claned on the fast and easy usability. It is a very intuitive platform to study with and it is also very easy and makes learning feel motivating. Our clients are also very happy with Claned and often comment that it is the best digital learning environment they have used!

Claned is easy to use and the support staff are really helpful and friendly every time when you discuss with them. Starting and setting up the system was very fast and the platform is simple to use. The system notices the text and creates a unique system which allows commenting and discussion forums. Also commenting on videos is really easy to do.

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