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Social Elements
That Empower You to Engage, Interact, Collaborate

Claned Online Learning Platform revolutionizes education by fostering engagement, the key to success. We view learning as a collaborative rather than a lonely journey. Our unique social features invite course creators and learning & development specialists to join an educational revolution that boosts both learner interaction and results.

Social Elements Claned
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Empower Learning with Collaboration Unleash the Power of Social Elements to Transform Your Online Courses!

Platform with collaboration in mind

Creating your courses in Claned is effortless. And shareing is even simpler. Make boards, invite people, make announcements, and share your know-how. You can even let your learners share their material if you want to.

Public announcements  |  Board shareing

Interactive Materials at Your Fingertips

Swap passive learning for a dynamic study experience with Claned, where materials become interactive. Envision learners sparking discussions within a PDF by highlighting text and adding comments. It’s not solely about reading, but engaging within the content to share and retain insights. This interaction extends to videos and multimedia, transforming them into platforms for conversation.

Highlighting tool |  Sharing notes

Chat with your learners

Picture a learning environment that mirrors the engaging nature of social media. On Claned, every course participant can post comments, engage in debates, and share notes effortlessly. 

You can also have 1:1 discussions with your learners and share your knowhow privately. 

Private chat  |  Board chat

Shareing boards is a breeze

You can make different study groups inside Claned. That means that you can manage which learning materials are going to be shared in which group. Or if you need even more advanced way, you can manage users via our API and integrate that to your CRM or ERP.

You can easily manage the admin roles through the platform admin profile. We don’t charge extra for the admin profiles. 

Study groups  |  Sharing boards with different stakeholders

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What our customer says about their learning design process with us

The Claned LMS has a simple interface hence making it easy for the learners to interact with the platform. The success of the partnership can be attributed to the onboarding training that was conducted by the Claned team to the CAPYEI staff and the post-training support that was offered,

We love Claned on the fast and easy usability. It is a very intuitive platform to study with and it is also very easy and makes learning feel motivating. Our clients are also very happy with Claned and often comment that it is the best digital learning environment they have used!

Claned is easy to use and the support staff are really helpful and friendly every time when you discuss with them. Starting and setting up the system was very fast and the platform is simple to use. The system notices the text and creates a unique system which allows commenting and discussion forums. Also commenting on videos is really easy to do.

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