Our Impact Stories

Be it lack of access, resources or support, learners in various parts of the world are missing out on the wonders of online learning. At Claned, we aim to partner with causes and organisations to create unique, effective online learning programs that bring knowledge, joy and opportunities to learners who need it most. 

Here are some of their stories:

Color Up Peace: Healing War Trauma with Art Therapy

In the wake of the war in Ukraine, millions of lives have been displaced, disrupted and traumatised. Color Up Peace, created by Lisa Glybchenko, aims to help survivors and participants process their loss and trauma through the means of art, creativity and imagination. 

Through online learning, this one-of-a-kind art therapy project has brought joy, comfort and relief to participants in even the remotest of locations.

Finn Church Aid: Creative Jobs for African Youths

NGO-based employment programs often aim to train disadvantaged communities for jobs in traditional sectors. But the team at Finland-based Finn Church Aid (FCA) had one simple question: what about the creative industries? 

Today, the online-based Creative Industries Program has offered skill training to hundreds of Ugandan youths, helping them become not only adept in their future careers but also proficient with technology. Watch Podcast 

Ban Ki-moon Centre: Training African Women for Leadership

The agricultural landscape in Africa desperately needs female leadership. The playing field has long been skewed against them. And the lack of access, resources and support means that climate change continues to impact women farmers disproportionately. 

The Online Executive Training Program, by Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens (BKMC) and Global Center on Adaptation, aims to change that. By training cohorts of young women across Africa in gender-based climate adaptation and leadership, the online program is helping a new generation of female leaders find their voice and combat inequality.

Spilno.school: Effective Online Education for Ukrainian Children

For the children living through the war crisis in Ukraine, access to education is about more than just learning. It serves as a much-needed source of normalcy, curiosity, and community. Which is why it was so essential to sustain education even as the country undergoes a difficult time in history.

Claned has partnered with Kyiv-based Spilno.school to create an integrated, blended learning environment that can switch modes quickly, whenever needed.