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We love to work together with our cus­tomers to ensure that they can achieve the best pos­sible learning out­comes with our platform. Read about some of our cus­tomer cases here. If you get inspired and want to know more about Claned, feel free to contact us.

Entrepreneurship training 

Case Santander

Santander’s Explorer program is estimated to reach up to 2,000 young entre­preneurs around the world in one year. Using Claned to provide training and online com­munity to develop their business ideas. 

Online micro courses 


Xamk were able to start selling their Micro Courses to learners around the world. Anyone can buy the courses from Xamk web­store and then com­plete them on the Claned platform. 

How They Delivered Unin­ter­rupted Voca­tional Edu­cation by Moving Online During a Pandemic 

How to Semi-Automate Complex Cus­tomer Training and New Employee Onboarding

Professional training 

Case Professio

With Claned, Pro­fessio moved from 95% onsite training to 95% online training. They con­tinued to provide engaging cor­porate training to over 200 stu­dents, with more than 400 com­ments across 40 courses. 

Employee training 

Case MRoom

M Room is now offering training to their barbers in over 70 loc­a­tions using Claned. The training can include any­thing from new hair­styles to oper­a­tional training, allowing their employees to learn new skills anytime and advance in their career. 

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