About Claned

The Clanedeers are a tight-knit group of professionals dedicated to developing the most outstanding digital learning solution globally. Our mission is to be the world’s leading collaborative online learning platform by unlocking the learning potential of individuals, educators and organizations alike by combining Finnish excellence in education and technology. We believe in the power of learning and its influence on improving quality of life and empowering people to achieve more.

Claned Group was founded 2013 in Finland and launched commercially in 2016. Since then users from 25 different countries have joined our rapidly growing user base. Today our team of 30 professionals operate in Helsinki, New York,
Mumbai and Singapore.


Mervi Palander

Chief Executive Officer

Visionary product creator and global education transformer. Directs the company vision and strategy in pursuing the next generation of education innovations to eradicate social and economic exclusion.

Vesa Perälä


Serial entrepreneur and natural born business developer with decades of corporate and start-up know-how. Drives forward Claned’s sales and business development, always spotting opportunities in unexpected places.

Kalle Lehtinen

Chief Operating Officer

Top-level management executive with a background in leading a 400-strong R&D team in a prestigious multinational corporation. Leads Claned’s day-to-day operations and always quick to roll up his sleeves to run the extra mile.

Leila-Mari Ryynänen


A world-class business developer with a wealth of knowledge, extensive global network and over 30 years of experience in new market expansions. Directs Claned’s global partner outreach strategy and new segment entry.

Dr. Ilkka Autio

Chief Data Scientist, R&D Director

Genius with a heart, PhD in Computer Science and unparalleled artificial intelligence specialist. Runs and manages Claned’s research team, developing new ways to utilize machine learning for even more actionable insights.

Pertti Jalasvirta

Evangelist, Partner

A bio-hacker and productivity aficionado with decades of experience and insights into digitalization and public sector processes. Pertti is Claned’s own edtech evangelist, spreading the gospel of education reform across the globe.

Dr. Topi Litmanen

Chief Educational Scientist

Doctor of Education, public speaker, teacher and experienced evidence-based product developer. Ensures Claned’s in-house pedagogy and learning research is always on the cutting edge of new education trends.

Miska Noponen

Head of User Experience

A multi-talented UX designer, ardent pedagogue, computer programmer and lifelong learner. Miska leads Claned’s user experience and concept development.

Mariam Shodeinde

Business Development Director

Highly networked start-up scene personality, education enthusiast and engaging creator. Guides and scales Claned’s new business development efforts into new markets and services, such as Claned4Kids and Powered2Learn.

Noora Salin

Key Account Director

A travel enthusiast and people person with a solid background in operational planning and project control. Noora is in charge of delivering an exceptional customer experience for Claned’s international accounts.

Tero Moliis

Sales Director, LatAm

An avid game designer, Latin American local and serial entrepreneur. Tero is a relentless self-starter, trailblazing Claned’s entry into the rapidly growing education markets in the region.

Berit Virtanen-Thewlis


Highly networked professional with vast international experience and an inspirational public speaker. Creates strategic solutions and commercial opportunities, and ensures a smooth process from start to success for clients and partners.

Virve Tamminen

Chief Creative Officer

One of the first Clanedeers and consummate art direction and UI/UX leader bringing to Claned decades of expertise in the media industry. Heads Claned´s branding and product design, ensuring the platform is intuitive and user centric.

Petri Virtanen

Chief Commercial Officer

Petri is spear-heading Claned’s global growth by developing our commercial operations, including marketing, sales and partner network. As a devote believer in life-long learning, Petri thinks that, every day is a good day to learn something new.

Solja Sulkunen

Head of Customer Experience

A deeply passionate educational psychologist and a member of a new generation of leaders in the Finnish education design ecosystem. Responsible for Claned’s customer experience, from deployment to community management.

Petra Raivonen

Project Manager, Learning Solutions

Professional educator with vast industry experience and studies in pedagogical and learning design. Leads Claned’s pedagogical content creation and ground-breaking teacher training initiatives.

Teemu Vaalasmaa 

Customer Success Manager 

Passionate about e-learning and technology in general. Helps customers to succeed in using Claned platform.

Sarianna Kymäläinen

Junior Designer

Bright designer who creates visual concepts and transforms ideas into beautiful designs. Detail oriented Sarianna’s strengths lie in branding and user-centered design.

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