Claned Unveils New Website, and Now You Can Start Building Your Courses for Free

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    Claned, a cloud-based corporate Learning Management System (LMS), proudly announces the launch of its brand-new website. This major milestone marks a significant step forward in providing an enhanced user experience and further empowering organizations to transform their corporate training programs.

    One of the most exciting features of the new website is the opportunity for users to test the Claned platform for free and build their courses. For a limited period of 30 days, interested individuals and organizations can dive into the intuitive and user-friendly course builder, experiencing first-hand the power and flexibility Claned offers for creating effective and engaging learning experiences.

    As part of their commitment to fostering knowledge sharing, Claned will soon be offering a series of free courses designed to help users master the art of creating exceptional online courses. These courses will provide valuable insights, best practices, and practical tips to empower educators, trainers, and content creators to deliver impactful learning content using the Claned platform.

    In addition to the exciting new website and the opportunity to explore the platform, Claned has introduced a feature-rich webshop. This webshop offers the opportunity to showcase partner courses on the Claned platform. This opens up new avenues for collaboration, expanding the reach of valuable educational content and creating a vibrant marketplace for learning resources.

    “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website and invite users to experience the power of Claned firsthand,” said Teemu Vaalasmaa, CEO of Claned. “With the free trial period and the upcoming free courses, we aim to empower individuals and organizations to take their online learning initiatives to the next level. The addition of the webshop further supports our vision of creating a thriving ecosystem for educational content creators and learners.”

    For more information and to start the free trial, please visit Claned Free Trial

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