5 Best LMS For Onboarding: Get Your Onboarding Personal & Fun

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    Are you an HR professional or training manager in search of the perfect LMS for onboarding? Look no further! We have the solution you’ve been waiting for.  

    Effective onboarding is crucial for nurturing new talent, ensuring a smooth transition, and boosting employee productivity. With our comprehensive guide, we’ve done the research for you, making it easier to choose the right Learning Management System (LMS). 

    Imagine an LMS that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, streamlining your onboarding process efficiently. Picture an LMS that captivates new hires from day one, igniting their desire to learn and grow within your organization. Our curated selection of top contenders offers user-friendliness, scalability, customization options, and robust reporting capabilities to suit various organizational needs. 

    Whether you’re a small startup or a multinational corporation, join us on this journey to unveil the best LMS for onboarding. Get ready to revolutionize the way you welcome and train your new hires. The future of onboarding starts now! 

    Best LMS For Onboarding 

    #1: Claned 

    Claned is a cloud-based corporate LMS that maximizes learning outcomes for businesses by combining AI, collaborative learning, and world-class pedagogy. 

    It features an intuitive, easy-to use course builder that helps organisations set up effective courses quickly. It also generates AI-powered learning insights and recommendations that showcase and improve the value of corporate training programs. Lastly, it uses pedagogical insights to drive home the skills and knowledge that employees learn during trainings.  

    Core Features: 

    • Easy-to-Use Course Builder: Intuitive course-building experience and a library of templates to set up learning programs quickly and efficiently . 
    • Learning Analytics: Offers deep data-driven learning insights and recommendations based on learner activity, progress, performance and more. 
    • Learning Design: Uses pedagogical research and education psychology to build courses that are effective in the long run.. 
    • Social Learning: Features a social-media-like space for learners to interact and discuss trainings and course materials. 
    • Import Existing Learning Materials 
    • Multiple Grading Scales 
    • Mobile Learning Support 

    Claned Price 

    Based on the number of users, Claned offers three pricing plans: 

    Free One Month Trial Available, Try Clane Now 

    Starter (50 users per month): €196.00 

    Professional (150 users per month): €500.00 

    Expanded (300 users per month): €956.00 

    Custom quotes are also available for more users and specific requirements. Book Demo Here 

    #2: AbsorbLMS 

    AbsorbLMS is an award-winning learning platform with a focus on helping organisations train and skill employees to keep up with the demands of today’s fast-paced world. This cloud-based onboarding LMS is designed to fit the needs of organisations of various sizes and boost business productivity. AbsorbLMS boasts of a wide list of features and is a part of the Absorb suite of corporate products. 

    Core Features: 

    • LMS Administration: The LMS admin view on AbsorbLMS offers a lot of flexibility, allowing you customise training experiences in a variety of ways to suit per your organisation’s needs. 
    • Learner Engagement: AbsorbLMS aims to keep learners engaged by incorporating various media formats into your training programs and offering access on mobile devices. 
    • Training Data and Analytics: The AbsorbLMS administrator dashboard displays a host of important progress and performance data that you can filter and export as insightful reports. 
    • Instructor-led Courses 
    • Easy Integration of Tools and Systems 

    Price Point:

    Not available 

    #3: LearnUpon LMS 

    LearnUpon LMS is a centralised, easy-to-use learning platform, designed to offer quick and easy corporate trainings with interactive features and gamified elements.  

    LearnUpon’s competitive edge comes from its focus on unifying and streamlining a number of corporate trainings across an organisation’s network into a single platform. The award-winning platform prides itself on being a “user-focused LMS” and its reputation for prompt customer service. 

    Core Features: 

    • Intuitive Course Builder: Allows organisations to create personalised learning paths for different learners. Offers a variety of content formats. 
    • User Management: Allows access to a variety of users, external and internal. Automates the user creation process, allowing for bulk uploads and API integrations.  
    • Performance Tracking and Reports: Generates insights about learner progress and performance. Offers the functionality to automate and schedule training data reports. 
    • Certification and Licensing 
    • Activity Dashboard 
    • Learning Portals 

    Price Point:  

    Based on the number of users, an organisation can select one of LearnUpon’s three plans:  

    Essential (50 to 150 users) 

    Premium (150 to 300 users) 

    Enterprise (300+ users).  

    Plans start at $15,000 USD. 

    #4: Docebo 

    Docebo Learn LMS is a powerful platform that offers a wide range of features for corporate training, including drag-and-drop course creation functionality, social learning, progress tracking and support for multiple languages. This onboarding LMS is also ideal if your organisation uses tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Teams, as it allows for seamless integrations with both. 

    The Docebo Learn LMS is part of Docebo’s multi-product learning suite designed to help organisations create, update and get a detailed look into the effectiveness of their corporate training programs. 

    Core Features: 

    • Wide Variety of Integrations: Docebo Connect Integrations Marketplace allows you to bring together all of  your organisation’s systems together in one learning environment. 
    • Built-in Course Authoring: Docebo’s course authoring tool offers an easy drag-and-drop functionality to help build courses faster. 
    • AI-Powered: Offers AI-powered features such as virtual coaching, auto tagging, content suggestions and more. 
    • Allows for Easy Asynchronous Learning 
    • Assessment Management 
    • SCORM Compliant 
    • Learner Portal 

    Price Point:

    Plans start at $25,000 per year. 

    #5: AcademyOcean 

    AcademyOcean is a prominent supplier of Learning Management Systems (LMS), enabling businesses and educational institutions to effortlessly provide captivating and impactful training programs to their staff and clients. Their LMS platform simplifies the creation, management, and delivery of online courses and training materials. 

    Core Features: 

    • Knowledge management system 
    • Certificate builder 
    • Cloud LMS 
    • Seamless Integration of Tools and Systems 

    Price Point:  

    Standard Plan: $300/month 

    Pro: $800/month 

    Premium: $2,800/month 

    Note that SSL certificate is only applied to a yearly paln of the Standard pricing tier 

    How Do You Get Your Employees to use LMS for Onboarding 

    1. Create a comprehensive orientation: Integrate the Learning Management System (LMS) into the onboarding process. Provide a detailed introduction to the LMS, outlining its benefits and support for employees. Highlight key features and resources, including training modules, interactive courses, and support materials. 
    1. Ensure user-friendliness and accessibility: Design the LMS to be intuitive and easy to navigate. Give clear instructions on accessing the LMS and ensure compatibility across devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones). Enhance the learning experience by incorporating multimedia elements like videos, graphics, and interactive quizzes. 
    1. Demonstrate value and relevance: Showcase how the LMS aids employees in gaining knowledge and skills for success. Share success stories of past employees who benefited from the LMS, highlighting certifications and recognition achieved. By illustrating the direct impact on growth and development, motivate employees to engage with the LMS. 
    1. Foster a learning culture: Cultivate a culture that values continuous learning and encourages LMS utilization beyond onboarding. Encourage managers to participate, setting an example for their teams. Recognize and reward active LMS engagement, demonstrating a commitment to learning. 
    1. Seek feedback and improve: Regularly gather employee feedback on the LMS and onboarding process. Use surveys, focus groups, or one-on-one conversations to identify areas for improvement. Actively address raised issues and make necessary adjustments to enhance the LMS. Valuing and incorporating employee feedback will encourage its use for onboarding and future learning. 
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