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    Partnership Poised to Transform the Quality of Indonesian Education Delivery 

    HELSINKI/JAKARTA: Claned Group is happy to announce a new partnership with Finland-based House of Leading and Learning (HOLL), Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, and PT Angurah Lestari Terpadu (ALT). The partnership will support continuing education for Indonesian teachers, and will incorporate Star Lessons by House of Leading and Learning and use the Claned online learning environment to expand high quality teacher training in Indonesia along with Atma Jaya.

    Claned is known for its scalability and capacity to train millions of teachers with our pedagogy-driven and intuitive solution. We are delighted to work with digital pedagogy professionals like Hanne Koli and Atma Jaya Dean Dr. Luciana Thio to implement digital teacher training that actually works.

    Vesa Perala, Founder & CEO of Claned Group

    Cooperation and support with clinical practical pedagogy come from House of Leading & Learning Ltd. Learner-centered teaching practices and models will be implemented in schools and classrooms: project-based learning, case-based learning, research-based learning, multidisciplinary learning, phenomenon-based learning, flipped classroom among others. Teachers need many methods: different methods when students are learning basic skills or when they are learning a new phenomenon. Pedagogical choices are always made based on the content and goals and thinking the ways the subject or theme is best taught and learned.

    Teachers will learn how to facilitate and enhance students’ problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills. New skills being taught include facilitating students’ self-assessment, presentation skills and personal learning portfolios, and help them teach, guide, give feedback and assess their students’ performance and outcomes.

    Hanne Koli, CEO at House of Leading & Learning Oy

    The benefits of this new partnership include:

    • Scalable, completely digital solution to upskill millions of Indonesian teachers
    • Actionable training to support multidisciplinary project-based, case-based, research-based, and phenomenon-based learning as well as flipped classrooms, among others
    • The efficacy of the Indonesian school system is poised to exponentially increase

    “The program is a local, private inititative with the best globally experienced team from Finland, who will contribute and parcticipate actively in national education, especially for teacher education’s transformation in Indonesia.”

    Andreas Tedjasukmana, Managing Director of PT Anugrah Lestari Terpadu (ALT).

    About Claned: The Claned platform is a comprehensive learning experience platform incorporating design elements that intuitively guide course creators to develop better, more engaging, rewarding and valuable online courses. Engagement correlates with better learning outcomes, and with more learner engagement as facilitated by the platform, the more learning impact data is gathered to improve education delivery. Claned automatically collects data from every interaction within platform to identify learners who need support, a greater challenge, and who contribute positively to others’ learning pathways, providing analytics for continuous course and overall learning improvement and linking learning directly to strategic and operational KPIs, so the impact on organizational performance can be measured and value claimed.

    About Atma Jaya Catholic University: Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (AJCUI) was established on June 1, 1960, and manages 20 undergraduate programs, 14 postgraduate programs, and 4 professional study programs. Over its 60 years in operations, AJCUI has attained various achievements, including a five-star award for Social Responsibility and Employability in 2019 and five stars for the online learning category in 2020 from QS Stars, a London-based world university ranking institution. AJCUI actively contributes to the betterment of Indonesian education, especially in teacher education programs, through its Faculty of Education and Language (FPB). FPB aims to serve education programs in Indonesia in two major areas. The first is the improvement of teachers’ professional competence, including their changing mindset in reframing relevant education. The second is the training of student-teachers as they prepare to be agile and adaptable agents in molding Indonesia education.

    About House of Leading & Learning Oy: House of Leading & Learning Oy’s STAR LESSONSis a Finnish online practical pedagogy curriculum, based on the pedagogical competence development of thousands of Finnish teachers. The objective is to enhance the knowledge and competence of teachers in 21st century digital learning skills, pedagogies, pedagogical models, and practices. These 21st century skills are embedded in the curriculum’s lessons, for example problem-solving, communication and collaboration, ‘learning to learn’, and how to create, evaluate, and effectively use information, as well as how student work portfolios can be used to demonstrate the skills.

    About PT Angurah Lestari Terpadu ALT: Jakarta-based PT ALT has been in the information and communication technology business in Indonesia for over 30 years, with 15 years of experience in the education industry.

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