Claned Group Partners with Spilno.school in Ukraine to Provide Effective and Engaging Online Learning

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    Helsinki, Finland/Kyiv, Ukraine: Helsinki-based Claned Group announced today a new partnership with Spilno.school to offer online education to children affected by the war crisis in Ukraine. The Claned platform will be used to build an integrated learning environment in the non-profit, non-governmental Kyiv Gymnasium Spilno.school. 

    “In these difficult times, really good education is only possible in a school that is both people-oriented in its content and flexible in its form. That is what Spilno.school aims for”, says Anastasiia Kyreyeva-Kyslynska, Founder and CEO of Spilno.school. 

    “Our approach to learning combines face-to-face and online experience. Each mode (online and offline) will complement the other by using its strengths. The integrated learning environment in Spilno.school will support the learning of our students from 2nd to 9th grade (8-15 years old) through different scenarios in different circumstances that Ukrainian families have encountered because of the war in our country“, she continues.    

    Claned will work together with Spilno.school to create an integrated environment for blended learning that will allow the school to quickly switch modes when needed. The learning can swiftly move from offline to online, synchronous to asynchronous, and individual to group learning modes. 

    “We got super excited when Anastasiia first contacted us in July. We found consensus in everything within a week and deployed the Claned solution immediately for them. We look forward to supporting their quest to deliver excellent education even during these extremely challenging times”, says Vesa Perälä, Founder & CEO of Claned Group.

    “Claned is committed to helping Ukraine rebuild and prosper in the future, and we believe that education will be a very important element on this journey”, he adds.

    About Claned

    The Claned digital learning platform is the most comprehensive learning experience platform in the market combining Finnish excellence in pedagogy and a smart product architecture powered by artificial intelligence. We work hand-in-hand with our customers to deliver the most engaging and effective online learning experiences and measure their impact.

    About Spilno.school 

    The Spilno.school is an innovative Ukrainian private school that departed from the traditional format of school education and formed its own educational model, introducing a humanistic approach to all aspects of interactions with children, parents and its own team. We are a non-profit organization whose main goal is to make the educational process equally useful and enjoyable for children while adhering to our ideas and principles.

    For more information, contact:

    Vesa Perala

    Founder & CEO, Claned

    Email: vesa@claned.com 

    Anastasiia Kyreyeva Kyslynska

    Founder & CEO, Spilnoschool

    Email: a.kyslynska@gmail.com

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