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In 2009, Banco Sant­ander launched a new ini­ti­ative, the Explorer program, through its Sant­ander Uni­ver­sidades. Explorer is an inter­na­tional pre-seed program for uni­versity entre­preneurs aged 18-31 who are inter­ested in devel­oping their business ideas. The program is run by CISE (Centro Inter­nacional Sant­ander Emprendimiento).

The par­ti­cipants will enter a 12-week course where they are helped to develop their ideas and turn them into a solution that con­tributes to achieving the Sus­tainable Devel­opment Goals 2030. The aim is for these stu­dents to become actors of change through the building of eco­nom­ically sus­tainable pro­jects in dif­ferent indus­tries, sectors and types of organisations.

So far, over 8,000 young adults with more than 5,700 pro­jects have par­ti­cipated in the program. Explorer is estimated to reach up to 2,000 entre­preneurs in 2020-2021 around the world.

How to form an online community for students

Forming a com­munity is a big part of Explorer’s teaching meth­od­ology. The intention is to develop ideas together. Being an inter­na­tional program, they also need to be able to reach stu­dents around the world.

To operate worldwide and to form a tight com­munity might at first sound like two puzzle pieces that wouldn’t fit well together. Then again, with the right kind of part­ner­ships almost any­thing possible.

Therefore, Explorer and Claned joined forces in October of 2020. According to Explorer’s Exec­utive Dir­ector Patricia Araque, the reason was to offer stu­dents blended learning.

“Explorer is a mix of online training and com­munity, both things are key to help stu­dents to achieve their goals. Claned makes pos­sible the kind of social learning we need to promote peer to peer learning and at the same time helps us leverage the blended learning exper­ience we deploy in part­nership with the uni­ver­sities that are part of the program.”

The Claned online learning platform focuses heavily on social learning. Stu­dents are encouraged to cooperate and work together instead of isol­ating them­selves, which some­times happens with online learning. On Claned, Explorer stu­dents can post com­ments, share notes and start con­ver­sa­tions about the topics or any­thing that comes to their minds. The exper­ience is very much like using social media, allowing stu­dents to create a com­munity. Because of the social media aspect, everything feels familiar from the get go and com­munity-building starts to happen intuitively.

Using learning design to create engaging courses

Here at Claned, we spe­cialize in designing effective courses. This means that we help our partners design online courses that follow the best ped­ago­gical prac­tices to deliver results. The platform itself already has many learning design ele­ments that guide users to create effective courses. On top of that, we offer learning design as a service and really go through what high-quality online learning is.

So, we organized learning design work­shops where we worked together with Explorer’s team to create a top-class online learning program. To give you a picture of what these work­shops are like, here’s how things went down with Explorer.

What are learning design workshops like?

The team from Sant­ander x Explorer approached our e-learning project with open minds, curi­osity, and a desire to learn how to create the best program they could.

One of the biggest chal­lenges in cre­ating an online course is letting go of what you think you know. For people who are experts in their field this can be intim­id­ating. The Explorer team recog­nized from the very beginning, that while they are experts in the field of entre­pren­eurship, they needed to learn about digital learning and how to best com­mu­nicate and impart the wealth of know­ledge they have to their learners. They approached each learning design and digital learning workshop as a learning oppor­tunity for how to achieve this.

During the work­shops we talked about key issues, like social learning. We gave the Explorer team ideas about how to encourage learners for more active par­ti­cip­ation by making their materials part of activ­ating dis­cussion assignments.

The team was enthu­si­astic and asked ques­tions when they wanted to know more about a topic or were unclear about a concept. Based on the resources we provided them, they made plans and got organized, both about the overall structure of the program and its spe­cific components.

We dis­cussed ideas freely. People offered insights, sug­ges­tions, and elab­or­a­tions to help fully realize the concept. These are things that make for suc­cessful learning in any program. In the end, designing quality learning is about col­lab­or­ation, dis­cus­sions and fig­uring out the best methods for each spe­cific case.

Improving the program over time

Feedback from Explorer has been pos­itive so far. They have gained useful insights into designing and executing modern online courses.

“We are more than happy. During these last weeks we dove into Claned’s fea­tures and worked with the team on the design of our learning path. This time has been mind-blowing. Now our approach to the design of learning exper­ience is more social and more col­lab­or­ative. That is going to have a huge pos­itive impact on how the Explorers achieve their goals,” says Patricia Araque.

Even though the courses have now been designed, Explorer is not done yet. By using Claned’s data ana­lytics, they plan to track, adapt, and modify the program. They will be able to see how well the program per­forms. Based on the inform­ation, they can then add, adjust, and replace content when needed, gaining insight into what types of activ­ities and pro­jects spark engagement and pos­itive reac­tions among learners and identify where and when learners need addi­tional support.

The Explorer program is shaping up to be a splendid example of how to use digital learning and Claned to its fullest potential. We cannot wait to see how they will fare in the future.

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