How Laguna Province, Philippines helps students succeed with digital learning

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    Did you know that in recent years in the Philippines, there’s been a massive push, or Thrust, for digital learning interventions that enable better access to education for everyone? These efforts help make sure no one is left behind. It’s also meant to support neurodiverse learners and students with developmental disabilities, as well as help minimise dropout rates from basic education. This is accomplished by helping students who may struggle so they can catch up on filling knowledge gaps that would otherwise require holding them back to repeat a grade.  

    Getting your students this excited about Filipino history doesn’t have to be hard!

    Learning interventions that work 

    Laguna Province has typically had a strong track record for educating its citizens, but it’s so densely populated that the pandemic really created a need to supercharge these efforts, and quickly! Luckily Laguna was quick to realise better digital learning interventions were necessary to keep everyone safe. They’re also great to improve literacy, and to save time while innovating the learning process and empowering teachers to focus on better teaching and optimal processes. Claned is able to help Laguna Province accomplish these goals, and many more! 

    Getting students engaged with their learning happens fully online with Claned!

    The open, social learning process is a snap for the students, teachers, and parents to use, providing an adaptive learning platform that elevates the learning process and helps students retain their lessons. This helps them deliver their lessons online, which makes the teachers’ work much easier in particular. Before Claned, teachers would print modules, send them to each student to study along with their workbooks, and then have to wait for the worksheets and workbooks to be returned so the teacher could manually read over all the work and give a grade… all the while with little actual instruction happening. As you can imagine, this created a situation where a lot was lost. Learning was disrupted, and sometimes wasn’t continued. Dropout rates were up and student engagement was down. 

    Digital learning without barriers 

    Sometimes there were other barriers along the way to Laguna’s success with digital learning interventions before Claned. For example, connectivity was an issue at times, but in the Philippines that will be a bit of an issue from time to time with the networks. More worryingly, some other tools they were using made their work more difficult and frustrating. Some made it hard to help young learners focus on their lessons. Some didn’t offer the needed grading system or adequate automated AI features designed to make teachers’ workflows go more smoothly. Others weren’t collaborative and didn’t offer the social engagement students need to really succeed, so to mitigate this the teachers started including Facebook groups on top of all the other tools they needed to use to teach online. At the end of the day, all these tools were causing more frustrations and hurting the students’ educational outcomes. It was a frustrating and overwhelming experience for everyone.  

    Social digital learning and collaborative methods can be fully digital with Claned!

    Easy-to-use social learning 

    Claned’s social learning features let students help each other learn by commenting or highlighting information in the content to refer back to. It also helps the students ask better, more focused and specific questions in a fully online environment which makes the teacher’s job a lot easier as they facilitate the classes in Claned. Better yet, how easy it is to get Claned up and running, combined with optimal teaching processes developed by learning designers and teachers along with the capability to monitor, measure, and track student engagement let Laguna’s teachers optimise their teaching processes, too. And Claned uses all types of digital learning content, making getting current lesson plans into Claned — so they’re even more interactive online — a super simple process! At the end of the day, Claned’s easy-to-use end-to-end solution makes learning fun and engaging for the students and soothes the headaches of teachers and parents alike. The ultimate outcome is that now, more students can succeed their benchmarks and help create a better, stronger Filipino society thanks to the improved delivery of their education. 

    P.S. did you know that it’s super easy to get see tangible results from learning that works? If you’re ready to help your learners truly succeed, book a demo to find out how we can help!  

    What are you waiting for? We’ve all lost enough time to the pandemic these past couple years… 

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