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    Sometimes, online training courses need to cover more life and death things than what first comes to mind. With more digitalisation, consistent data in healthcare becomes more important. At the same time, healthcare is slow to adapt digital tools. This is particularly true in healthcare compared to areas such as banking, process control and logistics, and service industries. Of course, this changed dramatically over the past year as digital tools were taken into use in the face of a global pandemic.

    Nonetheless, consumers all over the world are left wondering why their health records don’t move with them when they move. They’re frustrated their hospitals and general practices can’t share data between organisations. And they wonder why patients are repeatedly asked the same bureaucratic questions at every clinic or hospital visit.

    Meanwhile, healthcare professionals wonder why their electronic health record systems (EHRs) create more work instead of less. The systems slow them down because they don’t communicate with each other. Health workers are frustrated there hasn’t been more progress in using health data for disease prevention. They wish there were reliable shared medical records and tools for cross-organisational patient pathways. Good tools are available, but these work in silos and don’t effectively share data across organisations.

    OpenEHR digitises healthcare better

    That’s why openEHR was introduced about 20 years ago: to enable extensive utilisation of data in health care processes and analysis using similar data across systems. However, there are some roadblocks to getting there. A change from monolithic systems into modular systems using the openEHR data model and architecture is a disruptive change. This means several stakeholders need to be convinced this new approach is a positive change. Often, they also need to be convinced of the need for change.

    There are huge benefits of the new approach, but the opportunities provided by the technology need to be explained to all of the stakeholders in simple terms to spread the understanding and to initiate these disruptive systems projects.

    An online training course to heal a broken system

    Hanna and Jouni Pohjonen, health tech consultants through Rosaldo Oy, recognised this roadblock in the healthcare industry. Luckily they’re resourceful and tech savvy. Instead of adding insult to injury, Hanna and Jouni sought to heal this knowledge gap in healthcare IT by offering an openEHR online training course that explains the benefits of openEHR in an understandable way. Their course also trains a systematic approach for transitioning from the previous status quo to a modular, openEHR-based architecture.

    For Rosaldo, Claned stood out among many online training course platforms, learning management systems and learning experience platforms thanks to its easy social learning and collaborative communication tools. Claned’s fresh, modern design and simple progress tracking were also a draw, as was its flexibility and capacity for being a true partner.

    Easy, customisable online learning no matter how complex the topic

    Rosaldo’s success comes when their users understand the benefits of openEHR in their own environment and are ready to start projects using openEHR-based systems extensively to support healthcare delivery. Their goal is to educate their clients through their online training courses to effectively use openEHR and improve the delivery and efficacy of healthcare as its digitised.

    For the time being, they have three online training courses in their training ecosystem. One of the courses is for all of the stakeholders explaining openEHR in a straightforward way. The two other courses, openEHR Technical and openEHR Clinical Decision Support are targeted for more technical people. Rosaldo constantly expands the offering in their Training ecosystem.

    Claned helps bridge the knowledge gap

    Hanna and Jouni chose to build their online training courses within Claned for a lot of reasons, and the benefits of taking openEHR courses into Claned’s learning experience platform as opposed to doing live courses include easier scaling, expenses saved with less international travel, and better segmentation of their clients into different classrooms (or boards!) Claned offers a perfect platform to combine consultancy and training into a successful online learning experience.

    Hanna is passionate about helping more people understand openEHR and be able to integrate their knowledge into their careers. With Claned, she’s able to check in with her students all over the world at the same time, and make sure everyone is staying on track and learning what they need to know to implement openEHR. At first, Hanna was skeptical of using an online learning platform because she was worried about having the courses contain long, heavy video recordings. But that’s not the case at all! She’s able to update her course content to meet the needs of her learners. She can add modules as needed, and it’s easy to edit them.

    Easy, breezy, adaptable online training

    Hanna’s also no stranger to teaching herself: she teaches at the Tallinn University of Technology, where she runs in-person and e-learning courses for upper level students. But using the Claned model with corporate clients taking Rosaldo’s online training courses in particular has made her work much easier. She’s able to add all kinds of content: videos, whitepapers, and more. Rosaldo needed a learning experience platform that helps their clients take openEHR live in their countries and markets all over the world, and with Claned’s online training course platform, Hanna is able to see what her clients understand from her courses, and how they are implementing what they learned in their work, too.  

    Hanna likes that the Claned boards and the conversations that happen within them provide a perfect environment for consultancy: learners can interface with each other and also with the facilitator in a closed, secure space. They can discuss between themselves how openEHR-based modular social and health care records would help them best in their own work. For them, it’s not only training, it is “true consultancy inside Claned’s classrooms.”

    Better trainings, easier workloads, more value

    The process to launch the Claned platform was a super easy process for Rosaldo, and this made their operations more seamless too. Their courses clarify a lot of complex information for people new to the openEHR. It’s an exciting case that demonstrates how one learning environment can serve learners with varying degrees of base knowledge and differing professional sectors, all at once.

    Selling disruptive content and a new learning model to a traditional sector is sometimes a challenge, but the results are well worth it! Rosaldo’s use case is an engaging and unique approach to develop a functional pipeline that solves a longstanding healthcare training issue, but we are ready to help your online courses better serve your learners with the world-class educational experience your students deserve!

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