Vocational education in COVID-19 Kenya


CAPYEI Delivering Uninterrupted Education During Pandemic by Moving Online

The Challenges

In 2019, CAPYEI partnered up with Claned to move their entrepreneurship training courses online. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and CAPYEI had to take most of their other vocational training online quickly, 68 programs and 1,742 learners in total.

Delivering training that works and ensuring that out of school youth develop the skills and competencies they need to succeed at work is at the core of CAPYEI’s mission. The unique combination of specialised learning design, change management and learning analytics was central to demonstrating efficacy and impact.

After the project, CAPYEI was interested in seeing how well the transition had worked. To do this, Claned used its state-of-the-art data collection methods and analysis to measure the impact online education and to demonstrate how well it works.

The Process With Claned

CAPYEI was interested in transferring a couple of their entrepreneurship courses from physical classrooms to online classrooms.

To make the transition work, Claned provided CAPYEI with learning design services which included an introduction to the Claned learning platform, instructional design training and assistance in the creation of the first online courses.

The Outcome

The data analysis indicated that students’ experiences of online learning were overwhelmingly positive. 97% of students were able to complete their courses.

The phenomenal results show that:
1. CAPYEI’s teachers and staff had the skills and know-how to use the Claned platform to its full potential, and to run engaging and motivating online courses.
2. We found a ratio of over 1,000 positive experiences for every 29 negative experiences. In other words, 97.1% of the experiences with online learning were positive.
3. The students’ social activity in all curriculums was very high and had high average sentiments (positive attitude), meaning that they engaged a lot during the courses and were positive about their experiences.

The insights from the data analysis did not indicate negativity towards online learning or learning in general.

Claned provided a quick solution to CAPYEI for the batch that was affected by the pandemic. We enrolled 1,742 young people into the Claned LMS who successfully completed their training.

Currently some of the graduates are employed while others are running their own businesses.

The Claned LMS has a simple interface hence making it easy for the learners to interact with the platform.

The success of the partnership can be attributed to the onboarding training that was conducted by the Claned team to the CAPYEI staff and the post-training support that was offered.