Poke Perfect Using Claned

Poké Perfect​

Franchise Food Chain Training Saved Time and Resources

The Challenges

How to quickly train new employees for a franchise food chain in the Netherlands? Staff need to create fresh meal on the spot, know how to run payments, keep good hygiene, upsell and inform customers of deals and new seasonal dishes.

The workers are usually university students and roll over is as a result higher than most businesses ​

The Process With Claned

A comprehensive, and “straight to the point” stye training was created to make onboarding easy and efficient. The use of tracking, short video content for processes like creating signature dishes, an emphasis on visually communication, regular knowledge check quizzes, and final assessments created a course focused on clarity and ease of understanding.

This means that management can be confident that all new employees know everything they need to and will be confident in their role and responsibilities from the first shift.​

The Outcome

In addition to being used at company owned locations the program has expanded an is offered to franchise locations too! This means consistency in the training and as a result the service at all locations tied to their brand.

They also save valuable time and resources by not having to train new employees on sight ​