Ethypharm Using Claned


Product training for pharmaceuticals in Germany

The Challenges

New cannabis-based pharmaceuticals are coming to market in Germany, and a whole sector of professionals need training on what they are, who and what they are for and how they work.

Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and even sales representatives needed to learn all about these products and how to communicate, in detail about them to others. ​

The Process With Claned

The complexity of the subject and the need for comprehensive understanding meant that the focus of this program was the structure – meaning topics were introduced in a logical format that builds on the previous learning and understanding.

Because of the “newness” of the medications, special care was taken to ease into each topic, use case study examples, a variety of media formats, regular knowledge checks, and parse content out so that working professionals could consume it in small doses, fitting in with their working life.​

The Outcome

In addition to the cannabis medicines course a quality assurance course, and a new program of sever-pain medications based on opiates have been developed.

As the medications become more widely available the courses hope to expand into other language versions to train professionals in other countries. ​