Novo nordisk and virtual BDI Using Claned

Novo Nordisk​

Training For 1000 Doctors in Africa

The Challenges

Quickly increasing rates of Diabetes across the African continent has created a health emergency and unfortunately many doctors do not have the necessary training to treat, monitor and communicate with patients effectively.

Often these doctors serve rural communities so opportunities for acquiring new skills and knowledge are limited. ​

The Process With Claned

Pre-pandemic there was the ”Buddy Doctor Initiative” that paired doctors experienced in diabetes treatment and management with doctors wanting to learn. The goal was to re-create something like this but online.

The result was a variety of self-study materials covering different aspects of treating diabetes, and mentors took on teacher roles hosting weekly webinars to expand on and discuss the previous weeks materials with learners. We looked for opportunities within materials to solicit opinions, questions and remarks and facilitate peer-to-peer discussion.

Comprehensive testing and grading was used to ensure quality.​

The Outcome

The program has run 2 times per year for 2+ years and trained almost 1000 doctors in treatment and management of diabetes. Doctors work in Country based groups but are distributed all over the country. As a result, strong communities of doctors and nurses have arisen that can share knowledge, recommend patients, and support each other.

Rural communities now have improved access to treatment and management options. By nature of the accessibility online, the program moved more professionals through than was possible in the pre-pandemic face-to-face version. ​