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Upskilling Young Creatives in Africa

The Challenges

Up-skilling young creatives in Africa to be able to offer their services to international markets.

The focus was not only to ensure their skills were comparable with other professionals but also improve their “soft skills” to work more seamlessly with counterparts from other cultures and negotiate effectively for the value they provide. ​

The Process With Claned

The desire for a strong social component to the course was essential, in addition to clear structure and focus, emphasis was placed on learner engagement.

This meant finding the opportunities for open-ended questions to be included with materials and a reliance on contextual commenting to generate discussions. ​

The Outcome

To date almost 400 learners have completed the program, they work in small groups of 20-30 learners, divided by their area of expertise.

Within each of these small groups around 500 comments and discussions related the materials are created.

The course board also include “learner work modules” where participants can upload their work and assignments for peer feedback and support.​