Rosaldo Online Training Courses Help Healthcare Work Better

The Challenges

Hanna and Jouni Pohjonen, health tech consultants through Rosaldo Oy, recognised this roadblock in the healthcare industry.

Luckily they’re resourceful and tech savvy. Instead of adding insult to injury, Hanna and Jouni sought to heal this knowledge gap in healthcare IT by offering an openEHR online training course that explains the benefits of openEHR in an understandable way.

Their course also trains a systematic approach for transitioning from the previous status quo to a modular, openEHR-based architecture.

The Process With Claned

Hanna and Jouni chose to build their online training courses within Claned for a lot of reasons, and the benefits of taking openEHR courses into Claned’s learning experience platform as opposed to doing live courses include easier scaling, expenses saved with less international travel, and better segmentation of their clients into different classrooms (or boards!) Claned offers a perfect platform to combine consultancy and training into a successful online learning experience.

Hanna is passionate about helping more people understand openEHR and be able to integrate their knowledge into their careers. With Claned, she’s able to check in with her students all over the world at the same time, and make sure everyone is staying on track and learning what they need to know to implement openEHR.

At first, Hanna was skeptical of using an online learning platform because she was worried about having the courses contain long, heavy video recordings. But that’s not the case at all! She’s able to update her course content to meet the needs of her learners. She can add modules as needed, and it’s easy to edit them.

The Outcome

The process to launch the Claned platform was a super easy process for Rosaldo, and this made their operations more seamless too. Their courses clarify a lot of complex information for people new to the openEHR. It’s an exciting case that demonstrates how one learning environment can serve learners with varying degrees of base knowledge and differing professional sectors, all at once.

Selling disruptive content and a new learning model to a traditional sector is sometimes a challenge, but the results are well worth it! Rosaldo’s use case is an engaging and unique approach to develop a functional pipeline that solves a longstanding healthcare training issue, but we are ready to help your online courses better serve your learners with the world-class educational experience your students deserve!

“True consultancy inside Claned’s classrooms.”