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Supporting Unemployed People With Online Training

The Challenges

The development of digital skills in work activities -project creates and validates an operating model for remote work activities.

The city of Helsinki organizes rehabilitative work activities for the long-term unemployed.​

The goal was to improve the customer’s life management and create conditions for employment. ​

The Process With Claned

Learning design was perceived as an interesting and engaging tool for content production. ​

Content was produced together in groups, and the groups guided, tested and validated each other’s content. ​

In the learning design, the focus was on good practices in content production and how it should be implemented concretely – step by step.​

The Outcome

The participants dived deep into the world of learning design and gained a deep understanding of good online learning .

The new remote work activity was introduced to several different teams, who were able to create orientation material for their own workshops.

Instructors now had a way to observe what materials have been covered and thus have a better understanding of their learners