Zeroni Using Claned


How Zeroni Decreased Construction Site Safety Training Costs by 80%

The Challenges

Zeroni, with extensive experience in construction site operations, set out to develop a better solution together with Claned.

The goal was to create a modern process where most of the onboarding takes place through digital channels and information on training completion is archived for authorities.

Ultimately, the employee gains access to the construction site after completing the safety training.

The Process With Claned

The new safety training process was designed to free up the site managers’ time from managing workers’ information and allow them to focus on managing the work itself.

With the new process, site managers no longer need to worry about recording workers’ basic information at the site office, and workers can independently complete safety training on their own mobile devices before arriving at the site.

Before starting work, the on-site tasks for the site management are limited to organizing site tours and verifying the worker’s identity. Everything else is handled digitally in advance.

The Outcome

Creating training materials has been made as easy as possible for site managers. We gather the client’s training materials into modules and review them from a pedagogical perspective, providing suggestions for improvement.

The finished training package can be copied for the safety training of a new site, eliminating the need to start from scratch for each site. In many cases, updating the site plan and site-specific information is sufficient, allowing site-specific training material to be available in just a few minutes if needed.

At the same time, significant cost savings can be achieved in most cases. Many sites have significantly reduced the costs of training because site managers no longer need to personally attend every training session. In some cases, the cost of a single training session has decreased by up to 80%.