HopLop Using Claned


How to Redesign the Onboarding Process to Be More Cost-efficient?

The Challenges

Park supervisors trained each new employee using training cards, but the training has been significantly different between different parks​

The Process With Claned

An employee orientation path was planned, which consisted of independent online study and practical training at the workplace. ​

We created 7 different orientation packages.

Emphasis was placed on playfulness, fun and engaging content​.

An internal e-learning model was created​.

The Outcome

The orientation was uniform for each park​.

We freed up the managers’ time for other tasks​.

We made the orientation process more efficient, because learners were able to practice skills in right away.

The manager got more visibility into the learning process of their employees​.

After the data and analytics workshop, we will be able to see what kind of changes the process has brought to learning outcomes and possibly to even customer satisfaction and sales.​