Creating highly engaging online learning just got a whole lot easier

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Vesa Perälä

Hel­sinki (Finland), 16 Feb­ruary 2021 – Claned Group Ltd. and Thinglink Ltd. teamed up to bundle Thinglink’s engaging, inter­active images, videos and 360°/VR media with Claned’s award-winning per­sonal learning space. The two very best Finnish EdTech products help all edu­cators from schools to cor­por­a­tions add that extra visual engagement in learning while enjoying the benefits of the most com­plete online learning solution in the market.    

” We are incredibly pleased with the oppor­tunity to work together with Thinglink in providing engaging and easy-to-create visual learning ele­ments to our cus­tomers. Engagement is crucial in online learning, and now anyone any­where can add Thinglink products to Claned’s learning platform with just one click” 

Vesa Perälä, Founder & CEO of Claned. 

The bundled product offering is available for existing and new cus­tomers imme­di­ately. For a limited time, both Claned and Thinglink offer the bundle on a two-for-the-price-of-one basis. 

“Stu­dents and employees need easily-accessible exper­i­ences in real-world learning envir­on­ments to effect­ively build their know­ledge and skills. In this case, ThingLink’s visual media solution on Claned’s innov­ative learning platform brings imme­diate benefits to learners improving engagement, access­ib­ility and learning results. We look very much forward to working together and deliv­ering addi­tional value to our customers”

Ulla-Maaria Koivula, the founder & CEO of ThingLink

Claned is the maker of the most com­plete online learning solution in the market. It’s the online classroom where you create effective online courses for any purpose, from cor­porate training to uni­versity classes. We make online learning engaging, effective and measure its impact on organ­iz­a­tions oper­a­tional and business performance. 

Thinglink Founded in Finland, ThingLink is an award-winning edu­cation and media tech­nology solution that makes it easy for edu­cators and stu­dents to augment images, video, and virtual tours with inform­ation and links. Thou­sands of schools and work­places use ThingLink to create visual learning materials and real-world sim­u­lation envir­on­ments to improve engagement, access­ib­ility and flex­ib­ility in online learning. 

More information:   

Vesa Perälä, Founder & CEO, Claned Group Oy Ab 

vesa@​claned.​com, +358 40 586 0863 

Ulla Maaria Koivula, Founder & CEO, Thinglink Ltd. 

ulla@​thinglink.​com  +358 40 584 5774

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