Santander X

Entrepreneur Training for Over 3700 Learners

The Challenges

Create an entrepreneurship start-up incubator program for university students and recent graduates available at over 50 Universities across Spain.

Remote participation, team-work and collaboration being essential components of the experience. ​

The Process With Claned

The need for an active and engaged cohort with a variety of availability and locations, a blended learning approach was taken allowing for maximum flexibility but maintaining regular contact and check-ins with facilitators.

Activities and content included a heavy emphasis on learner agency and contribution to the learning journey was developed.

The result is a dynamic program wherein learners’ share their ideas, questions and progress with one another and learn together. ​

The Outcome

After 3 years, more than 3700 learners have participated in the program, and recently has expanded to include English and Portuguese versions of the program in addition to Spanish.

The Program has brought together young entrepreneurs form various backgrounds and regions, and lead to some teams receiving loans and funding grants to develop and launch their businesses.

They hope to continue expansion into South American Universities in coming iterations. ​