Learning made easy

World-class learning design from Finland

Claned is a cloud-based learning platform developed in close collaboration with end-users and educational experts. The Claned cloud service is instantly ready to use. We focus on solving the learning challenges faced by our customers:

Sample challenges:

  • How to help learners study more efficiently?
  • How to offer adaptive and collaborative learning materials efficiently?
  • How to apply digital learning in an intuitive and easy way?


Learn how to learn. Improve your ability to learn. Discover fellow learners sharing mutual interests globally.



Provide collaborative courses using materials and tools you are already familiar with. Design your own digital classroom!



Understand how your company learns. Train your employees with our ready-to-use, cloud-based learning platform.

Educational expertise powered by artificial intelligence and analytics

Learn how you learn

Claned uses artificial intelligence and real-time learning analytics to provide both educator and learner with insights into study performance, orientation and motivation. Claned helps you to create your personalized learning paths and be in charge of your own learning.

Measurement methodology based on research

The Claned analytics is built upon validated learning measures and research by the University of Helsinki.

Data privacy

Your data is never given to third parties or used for marketing purposes. We use the data to provide learners with better suggestions and insights into the learning process.

Join our global classroom

Find your fellow learners

Why study alone when you can learn with your peers? We are inviting individuals and organizations alike to learn from others and be a part of our global learning community.

Learning globally

We provide a global classroom for you to discover. Find learning materials created fellow learners from all over the world and expand your skill set.

Learn for life

We believe learning shouldn't be limited to the walls of a school or a company! In Claned learners can continue learning as long as they want.