Educational expertise powered by artificial intelligence and analytics

Claned® is designed to fulfil a wide range of learning needs for all types and sizes of educator and learner: forward-looking universities, sprawling conglomerates, teachers and even individual students benefit from Claned’s powerful features. Cutting-edge pedagogy and machine learning research always forms the foundation of our first-rate service. Unrivaled learning analytics, ergonomic social features, AI-powered recommendations and Claned’s learning path generator make Claned the most personal and insightful learning platform on the market.

Claned in schools, universities and online courses

Increase motivation, prevent drop-outs and improve student retention with Claned. Claned’s collaborative features allow you to quickly identify thought leaders, while building a vibrant online student community seamlessly inside course material. Keep track of learning content effectiveness and gain insights in what your students find valuable and stimulating.

Claned in corporations, non‑governmental and governmental organizations

Train employees individually, make knowledge measurable and communicate organization-wide effortlessly and transparently with Claned. Engage your staff and save hundreds of hours with our personalized learning path algorithms. Inspire teamwork and cooperation between departments through engaging and impactfull grassroots interaction.

Claned for students, teachers and lifelong learning

Create your own collaborative learning area and invite your peers or students to establish your own learning community with Claned. Never stop learning by making Claned’s artificial intelligence your lifelong learning partner, improving study outcomes with its awareness of what you should learn, and how.

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