What does it mean to be The Most Promising EdTech Startup in the world?
What does it mean to be the Best Learning App?
What does it mean to be the Best AI Solution for learning?

These and similar questions have been on our team’s minds ever since the industry recognition in the forms of medals and trophies started to arrive to Claned.

Firstly, we have been over the moon with each and every one of them and celebrated with our team and our partners. Each has provided an opportunity to express gratitude to each other.

Secondly, these have also been moments to celebrate with our wonderful forward-thinking clients without whom we would not be where we are today.

The disruptor starts alone

However, there is another dimension to all this.

When we started five years ago we had the vision to provide a personalized learning solution online for all. When you are tackling this level of a goal with a clearly disruptive strategy by diverting away from the traditional LMS’s, you create a stir. You challenge the status quo with your view of a different future for education in a space where traditions still rule.

When we entered the market, there was not a place or even definition waiting for us. We were the new kid on the block.

The change has started

However, over the past five years, we have seen a change towards the vision we originally imagined, and it is gaining speed faster than anyone expected. Education is becoming more personalized, supportive to individual needs, and its focus is shifting from administration to learning. And this is happening right now.

So, when another recognition arrives, it confirms to us that our original vision was right and we took the right direction from the start. Industry influencers, independent observers, and academia have acknowledged our hard work and belief in personalizing learning. This all serves as a huge encouragement for us to push forward. We are ready to deliver what we believe in.

We are not alone anymore

Also, it tells us that we are not alone with our vision of how to best support individuals in their learning journey during their formal education but also during their work life. So, thank you for all those who have believed in us and believed in a better future for our education.

Here is the list that makes us very proud every day and makes us work harder for delivering the best learning solution for all the learners and educators in the world.

Worlddidac Award 2018
EdTechReview Award for The Best E-Learning Company 2018
Top 10 Personalized Learning Startups to Watch in 2018
GESAward for Artificial Intelligence 2017
TechEdvocate Best Learning Analytics Award 2017
Talented Learning LMS Award 2017
EdTech Digest Awards 2017
GESS Education Awards 2017

The journey continues and we welcome everyone to join us in our quest of education transformation!

Berit Virtanen-Thewlis

Berit Virtanen-Thewlis is Partner and Chief Marketing Officer at Claned Group. She believes in the power of lifelong-learning and its impact in bringing lasting fulfillment in life. She says “As long as I breathe, I want to learn.” She is excited about the change taking place in education and professional development.

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