7 Top 360learning Alternatives and Competitors

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    Looking for 360learning alternatives and competitors? you are in the right place!

    Online training platforms have become a necessity for companies looking to stay ahead in the fast-paced business landscape.  

    While 360Learning is a widely-used technology for creating and managing online courses, with a staring price of $8/user/month it’s essential to explore different solutions that may better suit your organization’s unique training needs and budget.  

    The list of the top 7 36olearning alternatives and competitors are: 

    1. Claned 
    1. Absorb LMS 
    1. Docebo 
    1. TalentLMS 
    1. ProProfs LMS 
    1. Cornerstone LMS 
    1. LearnUpon 

    In this article, we will delve into the top seven 360Learning alternatives and competitors, providing you with a comprehensive list of solutions to consider.. 

    Lets dive into it! 

    Top 7 360learning Alternatives and Competitors   

    1. Claned 

    Claned is a top 360Learning alternative, offering a robust and intuitive interface for creating online courses. Claned stands out as a prominent cloud-based corporate learning management system (LMS), offering a dynamic blend of AI, collaborative learning, and pedagogy to elevate the learning experiences of businesses. It provides a comprehensive platform that simplifies the course creation process, enabling organizations to establish effective courses swiftly and efficiently. 

    One of Claned’s key strengths lies in its AI-driven capabilities, which empower organizations with valuable learning insights and recommendations. These insights not only highlight the effectiveness of corporate training programs but also contribute to their continuous improvement. Whether it’s employee onboarding, mandatory course development, or fostering a vibrant learning community, Claned is a reliable partner. 

    What sets Claned apart is its commitment to excellence in customer support, backed by in-house learning design experts who are readily available to assist organizations in achieving their learning goals. Pricing starts at €190per/month for 50 users.  

    Claned Offers 30-days free trial – no credit card reqiuired so yyou can explore  

    2. Absorb LMS 

    Absorb LMS is one of the 360Learning competitors Absorb LMS provides integrated AI support to make course creation and management super easy. The AI assistance simplifies navigation and saves time in making changes, enhancing the overall user experience. The platform offers a mobile app, ensuring users can take up training from anywhere on any device. 

    One notable feature is the Intelligent Assist, which suggests courses to learners based on their skill level and learning path. This personalized approach can significantly boost engagement and the effectiveness of training programs. Pricing not available and you have to take contact. 

    3. Docebo 

    Docebo is a versatile alternative to 360Learning, allowing you to create customized learning paths for partners, employees, customers, and various teams. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to design training courses and track metrics. You can create custom learning paths for each user, ensuring they receive relevant content. Pricing starts at $25,000/year. 

    Docebo also integrates AI to automate various tasks, suggest courses, and answer learner questions. With over 2,000 course and training templates, the platform provides a wide range of options for course creation. 

    4. TalentLMS 

    TalentLMS is a strong competitor in the online training platform market, thanks to its advanced live session and webinar functionality. The platform lets you create virtual classrooms, host instructor-led training, and engage with learners in real time.  

    The responsive design ensures users can access training material from various devices, enhancing flexibility and accessibility. Pricing starts at $69/month billed yearly. 

    5. ProProfs LMS 

    ProProfs LMS is an effective cloud-based system that offers an easy-to-use course builder and a range of ready-to-use courses covering compliance, technical skills, and onboarding.  

    The platform also supports in-course assessments, quizzes, and surveys, enabling you to test users’ progress throughout the course.  

    ProProfs LMS is particularly suitable for competency and regulatory compliance training in various industries. Pricing starts at $1.97/learner/month billed annually. 

    6. Cornerstone LMS 

    Cornerstone LMS excels in running automatic skills intelligence, allowing you to visualize current competencies and assign appropriate courses to bridge skill gaps. The platform offers gamification elements, discussion forums, and peer-to-peer interactions to promote social learning.  

    While the mobile UI may require some improvement, the platform’s comprehensive reporting and analytics make it a robust choice for talent management. Pricing starts at $6.00 per user/month. 

    7. LearnUpon 

    LearnUpon stands out for its ability to create personalized learning portals, enabling you to promote customized learning experiences. You can build individual portals for team members, each containing targeted courses and specific learning paths. 

    Updates to the main course in your library are reflected across all portals, ensuring consistency and efficiency in course management. Pricing starts at $599 per month. 

    What next? 

    While 360Learning is undoubtedly a valuable tool for online training, these alternatives offer different features and approaches that may better suit your organization’s specific needs.  

    Whether you’re looking for AI-driven insights, integrated virtual classrooms, or personalized learning paths, these top alternatives provide a range of options to consider. Evaluate each diligently, keeping in mind your company’s unique requirements, and you’re sure to find the perfect online training solution for your team. 

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