5 Best LMS for Training Providers: Transform Your Approach!

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    With the advent of online learning, training providers now have access to a wide range of learning management systems (LMS) that have revolutionized the way corporate training is delivered. These modern platforms offer an array of features and functionalities that make training engaging, interactive, and easily accessible. 

    A corporate LMS allows organizations to deliver training content in various formats, including text-based modules, video tutorials, interactive quizzes, and even virtual reality simulations. Moreover, these platforms often come equipped with tools for progress tracking, performance analytics, and fostering a collaborative learning environment. 

    To help you make an informed choice, we have curated a list of the five best LMS solutions for training providers. These platforms have been recognized for their exceptional features, user-friendly interfaces, and positive customer feedback, making them ideal options for organizations seeking to enhance their training programs. 

    So, join us as we explore the top LMS solutions in the industry, each offering unique capabilities and benefits. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of which LMS aligns best with your organization’s training goals and objectives.  

    Let’s dive in and discover the perfect LMS for your training needs. 

    Best LMS for Training Companies 

    #1: Claned 

    Claned is Best for: Employee Training, Onboarding, Skill Development, Product Training, Customer Training, Sales Training, Compliance Training 

    Claned is a cloud-based corporate LMS that maximizes learning outcomes for businesses by combining AI, collaborative learning, and world-class pedagogy. 

    It features an intuitive, easy-to use course builder that helps organisations set up effective courses quickly. It also generates AI-powered learning insights and recommendations that showcase and improve the value of corporate training programs.

    Lastly, Claned uses pedagogical insights to drive home the skills and knowledge that employees learn during trainings.  

    Claned Core Features 

    • Easy-to-Use Course Builder: Intuitive course-building experience and a library of templates to set up learning programs quickly and efficiently 
    • Learning Analytics: Offers deep data-driven learning insights and recommendations based on learner activity, progress, performance and more. 
    • Learning Design: Uses pedagogical research and education psychology to build courses that are effective in the long run. 
    • Social Learning: Features a social-media-like space for learners to interact and discuss trainings and course materials. 
    • Import Existing Learning Materials 
    • Multiple Grading Scales 
    • Mobile Learning Support 
    • Webhooks integration 

    Claned Reviews:  

    • “Claned’s strength is in its modern interface, which is simple to use for both our customers and us.” 
    • “We have people around the world working online. Claned has helped us to bring all these people on the same level in terms of availability, accessibility and high quality of employee training.” 

    Source: Capterra 

    Claned Price Point:  

    Based on the number of users, Claned offers three pricing plans with a Free Trial

    Starter (50 users per month): €196.00 

    Professional (150 users per month): €500.00 

    Expanded (300 users per month): €956.00 

    Custom quotes are also available for more users and specific requirements. 

    #2: LearnUpon LMS 

    LearnUpon is Best for: Employee Onboarding, Employee Development, Customer Training, Sales Training, Compliance Training 

    LearnUpon LMS is a centralised, easy-to-use learning platform, designed to offer quick and easy corporate trainings with interactive features and gamified elements.  

    LearnUpon’s competitive edge comes from its focus on unifying and streamlining a number of corporate trainings across an organisation’s network into a single platform. The platform prides itself on being a “user-focused LMS” and its reputation for prompt customer service. 

    LearnUpon LMS Core Features: 

    • Intuitive Course Builder: Allows organisations to create personalised learning paths for different learners. Offers a variety of content formats. 
    • User Management: Allows access to a variety of users, external and internal. Automates the user creation process, allowing for bulk uploads and API integrations.  
    • Performance Tracking and Reports: Generates insights about learner progress and performance. Offers the functionality to automate and schedule training data reports. 
    • Certification and Licensing 
    • Activity Dashboard 
    • Learning Portals 

    LearnUpon LMS Reviews:  

    • “Thus far I am nothing but impressed, and I can’t wait to see how our company will be able to use an LMS like LearnUpon in our business. We are so pleased to have chosen such a dedicated vendor.” 
    • “They are integral to my business now and I deeply appreciate the ongoing support and product developments which make the system bigger and better every year.” 

    Source: Capterra 

    LearnUpon LMS Price Point:  

    Based on the number of users, an organisation can select one of LearnUpon’s three plans:  

    Essential (50 to 150 users) 

    Premium (150 to 300 users) 

    Enterprise (300+ users).  

    Plans start at $15,000 USD 

    #3: Docebo 

    Docebo Best for: Skill Management: Upskilling and Reskilling, Customer Training, Sales Training 

    Docebo Learn LMS is a powerful platform that offers a wide range of features for corporate training, including drag-and-drop course creation functionality, social learning, progress tracking and support for multiple languages. This corporate LMS is also ideal if your organisation uses tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Teams, as it allows for seamless integrations with both. 

    The Docebo Learn LMS is part of Docebo’s multi-product learning suite designed to help organisations create, update and get a detailed look into the effectiveness of their corporate training programs. 

    Docebo Core Features: 

    • Wide Variety of Integrations: Docebo Connect Integrations Marketplace allows you to bring together all of  your organisation’s systems together in one learning environment. 
    • Built-in Course Authoring: Docebo’s course authoring tool offers an easy drag-and-drop functionality to help build courses faster. 
    • AI-Powered: Offers AI-powered features such as virtual coaching, auto tagging, content suggestions and more. 
    • Allows for Easy Asynchronous Learning 
    • Assessment Management 
    • SCORM Compliant 
    • Learner Portal 

    Docebo Reviews:  

    • “They have been the most phenomenal partners for our organization. We truly believe that their success has allowed us to experience the growth and success we have driving a learning culture.” 
    • “Docebo is one of the top notch solutions when it comes to LMS tools. It helped us setting up a whole new business within a really short time range because of good onboardings.” 

    Source: Capterra 

    Price Point:

    Plans start at $25,000 per year. 

    #4: iSpring Learn 

    iSpring Learn Best for: Pre-boarding and Onboarding, Product Training, Channel Training, Attestation, Compliance Training, Certification 

    iSpring Learn is an online learning platform designed to help organisations create, deliver, and track courses for a number of training scenarios. he platform offers a clean, interactive user, experience that makes it easy to use for both learners and organisations. 

    This corporate LMS is also an ideal choice if you plan on implementing trainings that incorporate blended learning (combining in-person and online elements). You can either upload existing training materials or create new ones on iSpring’s course authoring tool. 

    iSpring Learn Core Features: 

    • User and Course Experience: iSpring Learn has a clear focus on creating interactive, engaging courses that can feature content in a wide variety of formats. 
    • Blended Learning: iSpring Learn also allows organisations to seamlessly bring together both in-person and online elements of corporate training. 
    • Social Learning: The platform also features a dedicated newsfeed where learners can get together and discuss training materials and react to comments. 
    • Real-time Data Reports 
    • Reliable and Prompt 24/7 Customer Service 
    • Available on a Variety of Devices 

    iSpring Learn Reviews:  

    • “My overall experience has been very positive. The process of uploading and assigning training is very simple, and gathering reports is even better now with the recent upgrades.” 
    • “We have been able to track training and identify areas of improvement and even get more departments on board with the training process. I also love the iSpring takes ideas for improvements.” 

    Source: Capterra 

    iSpring Learn Price Point:  

    Based on the number of users, an organisation can select one of iSpringLearn’s three plans:  

    100 Users: $3.66 per user/month 

    300 Users: $3.00 per user/month 

    500 users: $2.82 per user/month 

    Custom pricing available for 500+ users. 

    #5: Blackboard Learn 

    Blackboard Learn Best for: Employee Training, Compliance Training, Certifications, Sales Training, Leadership Development 

    Blackboard Learn is a corporate LMS with a focus on delivering effective, high-quality learning experiences. While Blackboard Learn is largely known for its presence in the educational field, the platform serves well as a comprehensive corporate LMS, too.

    Blackboard LMS aims to offer an engaging, intuitive user experience armed with useful features such as video-conferencing integration, progress reporting and mass notifications. 

    Blackboard Core Features: 

    • Course Content Management: Blackboard Learn allows organisations to easily store, organise and manage a host of corporate training materials. 
    • Learner Experience: Blackboard Learn allows for automated registration of learners. It also offers learners the option for self-regulated tracking, giving them the autonomy to learn better. 
    • Progress Tracking: Organisations can easily stay on top of learner performance, view their entire course history,  and track their progress towards course completion and certifications. 
    • Web Conferencing & Collaboration 
    • Mass Notification System 

    Blackboard Reviews:  

    • “Blackboard is a rather intuitive learning platform, packed with a huge amount of features.” 
    • “Overall Blackboard is a good option to consider if you are interested in online learning. It will have everything you need, just possibly in a different style than what you might be accustomed to.” 

    Source: Capterra 

    Price Point: Not available. 

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