Finago Procountor a+ Using Claned

Finago - Procountor​

New Product Training Increased Customer Satisfaction

The Challenges

Finago had a lot of material for the procountor system, but it was scatter over the web and mostly in a manual format.​

The Process With Claned

Procountor certification training for auditors and accountants was created​.

Although there is a lot of material, we created lightness in the course with short videos and playful tests that make you think about what you have learned.​

An internal e-learning model was created, which has already been repeated several times​.

The certification test was digitized and the process was automated​

The Outcome

The new Campus concept increased customer satisfaction and was perceived as useful​.

Made it possible to manage the learning process at both the individual and organizational level​.

We reduced the workload of employees and the risk of human errors in the automation of the certification exam​.

Finago has created more than 5 new course entities and the organization has almost 800 users.

We wouldn't have been able to build such a wonderful course without learning design!